Ever since as a child, Artus Dickson once showed an outstanding mastering for painting and mixing colors. After his art studies in Paris and Boston in the 80's, he came back to France and was soon exhibited in Paris.

          In those days, through the impersonation of Artus Pixel, he is one of the very first artists in France to use the forthcoming digital technologies as an artistic tool. He makes them his to express his endless creativity, rather than obeying the grids and formats of the digital standards available back then.

           Soon, he starts aside a career as a director for short animated movies for Canal + and other french TV channels, advertising campaigns and music videos, in parallel to multiple exhibitions in France and overbroad : Japan, Germany, Italy, China, Austria, Monaco, Switzerland.

He was awarded for his video achievement by the Unesco Jury and got other awards and nominations in local and foreign video festivals in France-Imagina 93 Monte-Carlo and in Spain-Estavar-Livia.

                                                                                  In the meantime, he got pretty famous in the art world thanks to his amazing tribute to " The " iconic portrait of all times : Mona Lisa. Using her just as a medium for his unlimited imagination, he reinterpreted " La Joconde " more than a thousand times and included them all inside a transversal project called " Monalisarium ".

But Mona Lisa isn't his only field of "artvestigation". Artus Dickson is also interested in dealing with celebration of life through universal themes such as Love, Spirituality, Music, Pop Culture, Movies, Sex, Faith, Erotism, Art - as you'll figure it out inside the different galleries of this website.

           As said before, in the mid 80's, naming himself Artus Pixel was pretty avant-garde, but nowadays everyone knows what a pixel is, so it was pretty accurate for the artist to use his real name back.


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